"The city is not a concrete jungle, it is a human zoo."- Desmond Morris
HOMRA (吠舞羅 (ホムラ), Homura), officially identified as the Red Clan, is an infamous organization in Shizume City led by The Red King, Mikoto Suoh. The clansmen of HOMRA are unique by not only gaining the firey red Aura, but also animal-like abilities as well. Rumor has it this unexpected side effect is the result of a curse placed by a former clansmember...
((Independent Semi-AU Multi-ship RP blog for Mikoto Suoh, Izumo Kusanagi, Misaki Yata, and Saruhiko Fushimi. Will contain [K] spoilers and content NSFW. Other HOMRA blogs do not have to comply with my headcanon if they don't want to- it only applies to my muses.))
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Sorry I wasn’t as active as I said I was going to be, guys. I had a panic attack a few hours ago that I still haven’t fully recovered from. At least I’m writing a signing off post for the first time in a long time. Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow and feeling better. I love you all!

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please reblog if you’re an adaptive roleplayer.
AKA, you start with icons, I’ll probably respond with icons. You make it clear you prefer prose, I’ll make sure I’m up for prose when I reply and I’ll try to keep my word count within range of yours. Just want oneliners? Easy peasy.

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How is Fushimi abusive?


Trying to manipulate someone into feeling what you want them to feel is Not An Okay Thing To Do. And that’s the basis for all of Saruhiko’s interaction with Yata - goading Yata into lashing out at him, trying to goad him into hating him.

I think there’s a tendency to see this as an argument that both Yata and Saruhiko are responsible for, but while Yata fights back when confronted Saruhiko is always the instigator, and he takes pleasure in antagonizing Yata. His goal is not just to hurt Yata (which, you know, is a horrible goal to have in itself), but to hurt him badly enough that he has to hate Saruhiko.

He wants to dictate Yata’s feelings towards him… which A: is not how relationships work and B: is emotionally abusive behavior.

(There’s obviously a lot of complicated shit going on in Saruhiko’s head, and I don’t doubt that his self-loathing plays into his inability to accept anything less extreme than hatred from Yata. (edit: I don’t mean that he hurts Yata because he’s depressed - more like, he feels he doesn’t deserve not to be hated, and then takes that feeling and reacts to it in the shittiest way possible.) But neither mental illness nor a history of abuse is an excuse to go on and hurt someone else. Hurting Yata is not an acceptable way for him to deal with his personal shit.)

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If they had a kid meme

send me a pair name and I’ll tell you what I think it would be like if they had a child.

  • Name:
  • Gender:
  • General Appearance:
  • Personality:
  • Special Talents:
  • Who they like better:
  • Who they take after more:
  • Personal Head canon:
  • Face Claim:

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I want a Tumblr best friend. Reblog if I can go on your page and write stupid things in your ask box whenever I’d like to.




Everyone is welcome. My ask box is always welcoming new silliness. 8D

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Send “I really need it!” For My Muse’s reaction to Your’s shoving them down onto their back, and demanding some hard Sex..
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Ask something about the mun, but the muse will answer!
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Reblog if your muse has lost one or both of their parents.
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For every 🍻 I get, my muse will take a shot/have a drink
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Saruhiko, how did you feel when your last monarch had passed on?

Ask my muse: ‘How did you feel when _______?’

Oh fuck you. My feels did not need this.


"Ah, you mean Suoh, yes? To be honest, there was a sense of relief after his untimely demise." The serpent shrugged, "That isn’t to say that it was a tragedy, but I think the world is better off with such a loose canon. Even if it means my own Red Aura has become significantly weaker."