"The city is not a concrete jungle, it is a human zoo."- Desmond Morris
HOMRA (吠舞羅 (ホムラ), Homura), officially identified as the Red Clan, is an infamous organization in Shizume City led by The Red King, Mikoto Suoh. The clansmen of HOMRA are unique by not only gaining the firey red Aura, but also animal-like abilities as well. Rumor has it this unexpected side effect is the result of a curse placed by a former clansmember...
((Independent Semi-AU RP blog for Mikoto Suoh, Izumo Kusanagi, Misaki Yata, and Saruhiko Fushimi. Will contain [K] spoilers and content NSFW. Other HOMRA blogs do not have to comply with my headcanon if they don't want to- it only applies to my muses.))
Born To Be Wild
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Suddenly reminded why I get so frustrated with my parents… Clearly they don’t understand the concept of privacy.

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Send “Notice me!” If I’m your senpai
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Send me a word with a * attached to it and I’ll make a headcanon out of it.

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"I'm not coming out, and you can't make me..." a woman's voice pouted from inside the bathroom, "You can go piss on the side of a building or in a tree."




"Damo, you’re acting like a child," Mikoto huffed, "I’ve been under a curse for two years now. I’m sure whatever the fuck it is that happened isn’t nearly as bad." The differently-pitched voice was a clue, but he did his best to try and ignore it. Maybe it was just distorted from behind the bathroom door.


Damo only scoffed and rolled her eyes, “As if you show me any…it’s like, no matter what I do to try and help, you always blow me off…as if I mean nothing, like I shouldn’t even fucking exist. So you’re the one talking to me about respect?! Try showing some yourself, and maybe I’ll take your fucking word.”

"The fuck is that supposed to mean?" Mikoto asked with a growl, "You don’t try and help me. You’re always talking shit to me and putting me down. The day I’ll show you respect is the day you disappear. I didn’t ask to be King and you know it."

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津田健次郎 - Don't Cry

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Upcoming AU!mikorei fanmade visual novel, The Red Dragon.

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if i follow you i want to rp with you

i’m just too scared to make the first move.

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